Product (Édition-B) 2020

Appearing at first as just a meer studio tool, 5KG began to take on a whole new form as its sole purpose of being was in fact having no predefined purpose at all.  

Milled from a single block of stone and emerging as a multifunctional/do what you want with/or just leave it on the shelf raw-stone-tool has truly become its own character. 
The initial introductory prototype made its way on to Connie Hüssers Object with Love exhibition at the 2019 Design Miami Basel and has been evolving ever since.


The Open Office is an internal Research Project I conducted for Vitra,
looking at the change of the office today and what it could become in the future.

I set out to answer pending questions with the central question being:
do we indeed need a physical office when working together side by side is not absolutely mandatory? 


In 2017 I received an ECAL partnered scholarship and was graciously invited by the Hong Kong Design Institute for a teaching fellowship. 
Having been surrounded by an abundance of textile/electronic/metal/ markets lead the way for an inspirational environment to discover and especially to teach.
Making use of one such market (a light market )I came across an idea of challenging the students not only to design a light around a specific bulb but to design the light source itself. 
As a way to motivate and quite honestly merely communicate with the students I decided to design my own light simultaneously as a tangible example they could relate back to even when words failed.
One of the most rewarding aspects of the whole fellowship was to witness students thriving within their projects and which had nothing to do with what I said but based purely on how I lead by example, an experience I will always cherish.

Posters by Alan Wong


Case Study 2015

How can a chair be a manifesto of a machine? Shaped with a circular saw, the invisible centerpiece holds the chair together, thus shaping the whole chair. 


View of the Hong Kong Basic Exposition. A Showase of domestic objects designed by local plastic factories for daily life in the city.
Realized during a 6 months research project in Hong Kong supported by ECAL and Hong Kong Design Institute.




New York 2013

A modular office table system that allows fast adaptation of team with freelancers in an open space office like Doubleday and Cartwright Brooklyn offices.